Primary Candle Refills

Refilling is considered the most sustainable option when faced with what to do with used packaging.
It limits energy use and raw materials used to make from new every time.

With MIXMY, it is so simple. Refill your beautiful candle glass time and time again with the fragrances
you know and love, or why not try a new fragrance and discover new Scent Destinations™.

Our Refills

Each MIXMY Primary Candle Refill is hand crafted using a blend of sustainable, 100% natural vegetable wax and the finest fragrance oils.

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How to use

To prepare your MIXMY glass ready for reuse, simply place the glass in the freezer for at least an hour until the residual wax becomes brittle, then push one side of the residual wax pool to release the wick and wax from the glass in one piece and discard.

Clean the glass using warm, soapy water and a soft cloth (no harsh or abrasive cleaning products!). Don’t use cutlery or sharp utensils to remove the wick or wax as this can damage or scratch the internal decoration.

Your glass is now ready to refill and reuse.

For easy removal from the packaging, we recommend you place the Refill carton in the fridge or freezer for at least 30 minutes prior to opening to firm. Once removed, simply place the Refill in your clean MIXMY glass, making sure to press down firmly so it sits below the rim of the glass.


Step-by-step guide

Mycelium Packaging

Our Primary Candle Refills come in packaging we’ve actually grown!

By harnessing the natural flexibility and strength of Mycelium – the root-like structure of mushrooms – and combining it with agricultural by-products such as the woody core of Hemp, we’ve been able to grow the packaging that protects our Primary Candle Refills

The result is Mycelium packaging which is completely home-compostable and will disappear without a trace within 45 days when exposed to regular moisture.




In honour of National Fragrance Week, let me tell you a little more about MIXMY fragrances - whilst the idea of burning two candles together isn’t exactly rocket science; the art of creating a collection of fragrances that combine with each other to create considered new fragrances isn’t far off!
We spent a year working very closely with world-class Perfumers to create our debut collection of fragrances that each smell incredible on their own, yet combine to create whole new fragrance combinations.
We then spent another year conducting countless burn trials to determine the perfect wick and ideal fragrance concentration for each candle. Due to the complexity of each candle formulation needing to combine beautifully alongside each other - without overpowering or underperforming alongside other fragrances - every candle has been meticulously formulated to guarantee the very best quality diffusion, ensuring a seamless synergy of scents that work beautifully together whatever the combination.
Spring has sprung! I spent the weekend power-washing the paving slabs. An awful job, but oh so satisfying! Inch by inch, slowly removing the green slime which had accumulated over the Winter to reveal a fresh, new garden.
To me, Spring is all about reinvigoration, a renewed energy, anticipation of the warmer and longer days ahead, the planning of garden soirees with friends (in the hope it doesn’t rain!); and with that comes the desire for a change in home fragrance to reflect the change in season.
The beauty of MIXMY Scented Candles is that they can be combined to create new fragrance combinations, or Scent Destinations™. No need to go out and buy new scented candles. Just combine different Primary Candles to create whole new fragrances. No more wasted, half burn candles because they no longer suit the season or your mood!
Click the link to find out which Primary Candles I’ll be pairing to create my favourite Spring Scent Destinations™ -
Beauty is not caused. It is.

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